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is a sixth-year Theatre and Drama student at Northern Vermont University - Johnson. They would like to thank the fabulous cast and crew for all the late nights and unbelievable work they put into this show. This is K’s first production as director, and their twenty-ninth show overall, with favorite past acting credits including Feste (Twelfth Night, directed by Laura Roald), Berger (Hair, directed by Isaac Eddy and Laura Roald at NVU-Johnson), Sasha (The Ties That Bind by Tamar Cole, directed by Dominic Spillane), and Lady Macbeth (Macbeth, directed by Laura Roald).  K would like to especially thank Stage Manager James Stowell for his grounding presence and patience, V for that long evening programming lights, Matthew Parker for his help with fight choreo, and Arlie White for their outstanding support. 

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