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Director's Note

     Thank you so much to this wonderful cast and crew. In one month we completed an incredibly intense two-hour show with rehearsals that ran until midnight, where we worked for hours and hours on character and dramaturgical work, difficult fight and intimacy choreography, and Early Modern English dialogue. The cast and crew patiently worked with me when I insisted on having over one hundred lighting cues, sound cues that relied on specific timing from actors, last-minute runs to thrift stores to rummage for costumes, acting without props while we waited for them to be shipped, and painstaking direction and choreography (to a point of nit-pickiness). After one month, we created a behemoth of a show that I could not have loved more. These actors are incredible, this crew is incredible, and this stage is incredible. If I could go through all of that hell again, I would in a heartbeat. These actors worked together cohesively, worked on their characters in and out of rehearsal, and delivered an even higher production than I envisioned.


     I love every single one of these people. Thank you for making my dreams come true.


True, I talk of dreams...

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